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PERSAFE app transforms your smartphone
into a powerful emergency response for
the safety of your employees.

Altijd beschermd - PERSAFE Constantly protected

Emergency alarm – fall detection alarm – faulty phone alarm

Werkt binnen en buiten - PERSAFE Connected and

Time and location registration

Verzekerd van hulp - PERSAFE Help assured

Default escalation to alarm centre

Best in class protection for your employees

PERSAFE directs emergency alerts to registered co-workers with pinpoint GPS location that constantly refreshes. Registered co-workers see location and availability of all responders and who has acknowledged the alarm and can provide fast and effective assistance. They can communicate either actively or passively and with the option to escalate to the alarm centre to raise immediate emergency assistance. Help is always close at hand.

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Alarm button (£45,-)

The first alarm button that combines discretion and easiness of wearing with the confidence it always works. Your employees trigger and raise their alarm without the need to unlock their phone by simply tapping their alarm button which is connected via Bluetooth to their smart phone. The alarm button has a unique fixing clip so it can be worn/fixed on their business or polo shirt, uniform, workwear, dress or discreetly clipped out of sight (for example on the collar of their shirt, under their uniform or on the front strap of their bra). This way the alarm button is instantly reachable during an emergency situation even after a fall. Long battery life of 2 years reduces the need for charging. PERSAFE’s alarm button is weatherproof, works both indoor and outdoor and is ideal for use by any loneworker, homeworker and all other employees who require protection. You can order the alarm button together with your subscription online.

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Always know where your registered colleagues areOptioneel

PERSAFE constantly provides you with pinpoint location of your colleagues and workers, so you don’t have to lose time synchronizing with each other. It is also possible to receive notifications when a colleague arrives or departs from a predefined location.

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Automatic time and location registrationOptioneel

PERSAFE uses location positioning with the option to automatically register arrival or departure for a job site, office location or client’s home. Our time and location registration can be used for work optimization in raising invoices, logging working hours for payroll and other administrative functions.

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“PERSAFE makes
my employees
feel safe”

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