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New generation personal emergency response

PERSAFE your ‘personal life line’ transform your smartphone into a powerful emergency response

  • Emergency alarm
  • Fall detection / man-down alarm
  • Faulty smartphone / damaged smartphone alarm
  • Smartphone battery status notification

Best in class emergency response solution

Our emergency alarm alert contains all the critical information to provide rapid and efficient help. As a specialist in the field of safety and security we build in many clever, essential and valuable features.

Exacte locatie bepaling - PERSAFE
Pinpoint location detection

Connection with GPS or indoor-beacons that refreshes every 20 seconds

Alarmering - PERSAFE
Alarm distribution options

Co-workers or PERSAFE-alarm centre

Continue op de hoogte - PERSAFE
Responder status

Location and availability of known co-workers so they can provide fast and effective assistance

Alleenwerker alarm
Audio recording

Switched on when the alarm is triggered

Alleenwerker alarm
Direct telecom connection

Option to actively communicate or to passively listen

Alleenwerker alarm
Automatic alarm centre

Responders are unavailable or the immediate need to raise emergency assistance

Alarm button (£45,-)

For employees who do not have their phone at hand and want to be able to raise an alarm without unlocking their phone, we offer our PERSAFE alarm button. Discrete and light, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Providing the wearer with unhindered freedom of movement without a loss of protection. The alarm button has a unique fixing clip so it can be worn/fixed on their business or polo shirt, uniform, workwear, dress or discreetly clipped out of sight (for example on the collar of their shirt, under their uniform or on the front strap of their bra). PERSAFE’s alarm button is weatherproof with IP 56, works both indoor and outdoor and is ideal for lone workers, home workers and all other employees who require protection. You can order the alarm button together with your subscription online.

PERSAFE Badge (£ 240 incl. VAT)

The PERSAFE Badge is a new and unique Bluetooth wearable alarm that connects to your PERSAFE app on your smartphone. It allows you to raise an alarm without the need to unlock your smartphone. You can trigger the alarm by either pressing the integral alarm button or by two sharp taps on the badge. Additionally, the integrated sensors detect man down and no movement states and automatically trigger alarm alerts.

Alleenwerker alarm

PERSAFE allows your business to comply with HSE legislative requirements

PERSAFE alerts comply with HSE obligations for, lone workers and GDPR legislation and mitigates business & H&S risks. Additional features like time & location registration for employees, first time responders and team location make PERSAFE’s solution unique in delivering a powerful combination of H&S and business improvement.

Persoonsalarmering - PERSAFE

Work process optimizationOptioneel

PERSAFE always knows the exact location of your employees to help in organizing fast and effective responses during an emergency situation. This information can also be used to optimize work processes and local communication.

Team coordination

  • Always know the exact location of your colleagues and workers
  • Call for rapid assistance when additional support is needed
  • Colleague status – available, busy or absent

Time and location registration

  • Automatic time and location registration on arrival and departure at a work destination.
  • Register multiple locations per working day (client visits)
  • Replacement of static registration systems (supporting both home and mobile employees)
  • Automated registration of available statuary health & safety officers

Is this applicable to my company?

Here are a few examples as to how PERSAFE can offer your business performance improvements, leading to better productivity and enhanced working conditions with less waste and more profits.

  • Contractors can track their employees and subcontractors on site, and so automatically register their working hours and collate their payment. You always know how many people are in a building or on a job site location and registered, trained first aiders
  • Security companies can always have a full overview of the exact location of their employees

  • Cleaners on work location can pinpoint when they arrived at the location and when they have finished, while also keeping track of how many locations they have finished within the working day
  • Companies can replace their static location time registration. Employees who work from home or on company site use the same system
  • Employees or subcontractors e.g. from a plumbing company can log their location and start and end of their allotted task. Optimizing the company’s day-plan and balance workloads between colleagues more efficiently
  • Home carers can clock in or out per client and record attendance reports for automated payments

Transparent and reliable

  • Company subscriptions with low cost all-inclusive price
  • Easily add or remove users via our online platform
  • Encrypted secured data communication
  • No notice period
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Low cost employee benefits with out of hours use
Persoonsalarmering - PERSAFE

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