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A caring eye on your loved ones

Transform your phone into powerful emergency response

  • Emergency alarm
  • Fall detection / man-down alarm
  • Faulty phone / damaged phone alarm
  • Phone battery status notification

If something happens unexpectedly

Our emergency alarm alert contains all the critical information to provide you with rapid and valuable help, and as a specialist in the field of safety and security alerts we build in many clever, essential and valuable features:

Alleenwerker alarm
Pinpoint location detection

Instant GPS location from the person who raised the alarm and visibility and availability of all chosen carers

Alleenwerker alarm
Alarm alert option

Connect with chosen family/carers or direct to PERSAFE’s alarm centre

Alleenwerker alarm
Never out of sight

Your alarm status and location are updated every 20 seconds. Helpers will be informed who has accepted the alarm and they can monitor their arrival to you

Alleenwerker alarm
Audio recording

Switched on when the alarm is triggered and can be listened to by your chosen carers

Alleenwerker alarm
Direct telecom connection

With the person who raised the alarm, with the option to actively communicate or passively listen either one-on-one or collectively as a group

Alleenwerker alarm
Default excalation of the alarm

Escalate to the alarm centre when no chosen carers are available or the immediate need to raise urgent emergency help, this is standard within your subscription

Share your important information

Possibility to disclose important information like allergies, medication, disabilities, special needs, etc with your carers and or our alarm centre

Alarm Button (£ 35,-)

A really useful option is to add PERSAFE’s Alarm Button, with Bluetooth connection to your phone, you can trigger and raise your alarm without the need to unlock your phone by tapping your alarm button. Your phone can be up to 10 meters away from the button and it will still work. Simply tap the button for 3 seconds to trigger the alarm. Battery life of 2 years so no need for charging. Button with unique fixing clip can be worn/fixed on your business, casual or polo shirt, sweater, dress or discreetly clipped out of sight (for example on the collar of your polo shirt, under your uniform or on the front strap of your bra). PERSAFE’s alarm button is weatherproof, works both indoor and outdoor and is ideal for use by any senior, vulnerable or security conscious person. You can order the alarm button together with your subscription online.

PERSAFE Badge (£ 240 incl. VAT)

The PERSAFE Badge is a new and unique Bluetooth wearable alarm that connects to your PERSAFE app on your smartphone. It allows you to raise an alarm without the need to unlock your smartphone. You can trigger the alarm by either pressing the integral alarm button or by two sharp taps on the badge. Additionally, the integrated sensors detect man down and no movement states and automatically trigger alarm alerts.

Alleenwerker alarm

Sharing your location with your family

PERSAFE allows your chosen family & carers to share their live location with each other, so you never have to ask where someone is. Every 60 seconds, your live location will be updated so that it is always visible. Of course, you can always turn this off, the choice is yours. GPS notifications on arrival or when you leave work, school or home, make your daily family harmonisation effortless and takes away your worries if mom is home or your son has arrived at school or daughter is OK at a festival.

Your mobile emergency alarm

PERSAFE’s Emergency Response; Your most complete alarm system with our all-embracing fall detection. Our alarm works both indoor and outdoor and is ideal for any senior or vulnerable person who has a smart phone. No expensive hardware or home installation costs, you connect to your chosen carers or PERSAFE’s Alarm Centre. Alternative to home DECT alarm solutions for seniors.


PERSAFE always with you

We check every 60 seconds if connection and services are functioning correctly. If we detect your connection is lost or the battery status falls below 10% we send out an alert to your chosen family members or care workers including your last known GPS location. Providing further peace of mind with notifications in the event your phone is damaged during a sporting activity or a threat of violence or the loss of a sense of security.

Subscription for the whole family

After registering and subscribing online you can create and activate your unique set of users. Subscription fees are payable monthly at the start of each month.You can pre-determine which family members are your PERSAFE helpers. If you wish, this can also include users from another PERSAFE subscription. Switch easily between alarm circles for home, work or sport with unique helpers. PERSAFE’s all-inclusive subscription allows all chosen family member access to both the alarm and location sharing functions, and in the event of an emergency escalate to PERSAFE’s alarm centre.



Mijn vader was gevallen met de scootmobiel. Dankzij PERSAFE wist ik zijn exacte locatie en kon ik er direct naar toe.


Zonder PERSAFE was mijn moeder pas na uren gevonden nadat ze thuis was gevallen. Nu was ik en mijn zus er snel bij en is alles goed afgelopen.


Mijn moeder kreeg een beroerte en heeft ons direct gewaarschuwd met de PERSAFE knop. We hebben meteen de ambulance via de PERSAFE meldkamer geregeld en het is gelukkig allemaal goed gekomen.

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