To start using PERSAFE emergency response you have to download the PERSAFE app. For iPhone go to Apple app-store and for Android go to Google Play-store.

You can identify PERSAFE-app by this logo and search name “persafe”.

To ensure that PERSAFE delivers effective emergency response we require following permissions;

  • Always share your location position with us (even if you do not use the app on the foreground). This way we can share your location when you are in an emergency situation with your aid responders.
  • Use of your microphone to set up telecom connection during emergency situation
  • Permission to send SMS-emergency-alert (only Android) when there is no data connectivity
  • Notifications (Banners + Screen notifications with audio alert) for sending alerts and receiving alerts
  • Bluetooth connection if you are using PERSAFE alarm button or Badge
  • Use of you motion sensors to detect movement
  • Disable battery optimization (Android only) to ensure your location is send during emergency situation