PERSAFE alarm-server sends emergency alarm message to all responders in the alarm circle.
If the emergency alarm goes directly to an alarm receiving centre the operator at the centre will immediately have all the relevant information to organize help.

Responders who receive the emergency alarm message on their phone receive alarm message notifications including audio alert for receiving alerts (settings in the app);

  • Notification message from iOS or Android (banners and lock screen notifications). If you click on the notification the emergency alarm message opens automatically
  • Emergency alarm message from PERSAFE that automatically appears on your phone screen (even if your phone screen was switched off or you were using another app at that moment) (for Android only)
  • On the map click on the user icon of the person in alarm (red colour code) and the emergency alarm message opens.
  • INBOX message in the PERSAFE app. If you click on the message the emergency alarm message opens. If you have more than one emergency alarm message (you are a responder to more than one person in emergency at a time) you can switch between the alarm-messages in the INBOX.

To receive emergency alarm messages, you need to have the PERSAFE app “active” (not swipe app to OFF in iPhone). If you have “logged out” or “suspended/OFF” the app you will not receive emergency alarm messages.

The responders (and alarm receiving centre) receive following information in the emergency alarm message from the person in alarm:

  • Name of person
  • Time the alarm was triggered
  • Type of alarm (man-down or triggered by hand)
  • Battery level of the phone
  • Active audio notification profile on actor phone
  • Location position details including address from Google database (refreshes every 10 seconds)

We also show the GPS location position of the person in alarm on Google maps (user icon with colour RED). If you click on the user icon a zoom function is activated and the view will change from map to satellite allowing pinpoint location position in buildings, parcs and areas where no address information is available (refreshes every 10 seconds).

The PERSAFE emergency alarm message also contains information about the responders;

  • Who received the alarm
  • Who are available (absent or online)
  • Who accepted the alarm message and are already “active” responders

All responders that receive the emergency alarm message need to ACCEPT or REJECT the alarm. PERSAFE alarm-server monitors continuously which responders have reacted and who accepted or rejected the alarm. PERSAFE resends the emergency alarm after 40 seconds and 80 seconds if nobody or not enough responders have accepted the alarm. After three notification rounds we offer the option to escalate the alarm to an alarm receiving centre (subject of subscription options). PERSAFE offers function to add additional responders in notification round 2 and 3 and to define minimum number of active responders required (see ‘responder alarm circles’).

When a responder has accepted the alarm the emergency alarm message screen changes and additional functionalities to provide effective help become available;

GREEN CALL BUTTON = activating this function sets up a direct telecom connection to the phone from the person in alarm. The phone from the person in alarm opens automatically on the handsfree speaker and the microphone allowing conversation and listening in.

BLUE PLAY BUTTON = as soon as the colour of the play button has turned from grey to blue a recorded audio file is available that was started when the alarm was triggered. The audio recording function is only available when the person in alarm is using an Android phone.

RED ALARM RECEIVING CENTRE BUTTON = if your subscription includes an alarm receiving centre connection the responder can escalate the alarm to the ARC if professional aid is required (112 emergency). The ARC operator will contact you as responder to discuss what is required.

YELLOW i-BUTTON = Information that the person in alarm defined as important information during critical situations. This can be information on medication or allergies or contact details.

ORANGE END ALARM BUTTON = Responders have permission to end an active emergency alert remotely. If you want to end the alarm on behalf of the actor click on this button and follow the instructions.