Persafe offers optional service (part of standard subscription at no extra costs) where TEAM members can share their (1) online/absent status, (2) busy/available status and (3) actual location position amongst each other to support team coordination activities.

The ADMIN of the subscription can activate the extra (private) TEAM-screen in the app for selected users and define settings and team’s configuration (in the SETTINGS PROFILE).

Select “TEAM” in the menu to create or edit teams.

You first need to select the user for whom you want to activate the TEAM private screen in the app, by putting the cursor on the fold-out menu (white box in the left upper corner) and click on it. An overview of all users in your subscription is shown. Select the user for whom you want the TEAM function to be activated. Then click the “+ ADD TEAM MEMBER” blue button to open new screen. Put the cursor on the fold-out menu (white box in the left upper corner) and click on it to show all users and groups in your subscription. Select the individual user or group of users you want to add to the TEAM-screen of the user and define “show on map” or “not show on map” (this setting defines if actual location position is shown in the app or only online/absent status and available/busy status). Click on “create” to confirm and make TEAM function active for this user.

In the setting profile the ADMIN can give users permission to edit the TEAM screen in the app themselves. Precondition is that user must have ‘member’ or ‘admin’ role (rights) and the settings profile that is applicable for this user must have TEAM-function enabled. A ‘read-only’ user can never edit TEAM screen themselves.