Never have to ask where your co-workers are. Receive GPS notifications on arrival or when leaving the customer, service desk, office, shop or workplace in the app. Make your daily team coordination effortless, accurate and more efficient. The PLACES notifications are triggered when TEAM co-workers arrive or leave predefined Google geofence locations.

To set Google geofence locations for team as ADMIN select “TEAM” and click on the card from the TEAM-member for which you want to allocate a places notification and click on edit. Locations you have already registered are shown and can be edited. If you want to add a new location click the “add location” blue button.

A new screen opens:

  • “NAME” gives each location a unique name
  • You can add a reference number (optional)
  • “SEARCH FOR LOCATION ADDRESS” here you can type an address in the Google database. While you type the address, Google starts searching and once the correct address is found you can select this with your cursor.
  • On the Map a google location icon is placed on the address you selected. You can now position the location icon on the building or area of your choice by clicking on the icon and move the icon. To make this more accurate you can switch the view between map and satellite.
  • You need to define the radius in meters for triggering arrival and leaving notifications. The minimum radius is 76 meters to ensure notification is accurate.
  • You can add a description to the location (optional)
  • You can set if you want to receive PLACES notification (arrival and/or leaving)
  • Click “UPDATE” to store and make PLACES notification active.