The hamburger icon in the left upper corner of the app (3 horizontal lines) opens the settings menu in the app.

  • At the top of the menu you find “3 BUTTONS” which you can activate (green) or deactivate (yellow);
    • “LOCATION SHARING” (left). In the SETTINGS PROFILE the standard location sharing settings are defined, however with this button you can temporarily overrule the standard “share my location” setting (turn button yellow). When you want to return back to your standard “share my location” setting you click on the button until it turns green.
    • “DOUBLE TAP” (middle). This button activates or deactivates the double tap function on the Persafe badge (double tap for triggering an alarm).
    • “ON/OFF” (right). This button suspends the app. If you are suspended / absent you cannot trigger an alarm and you do not receive alarm notifications from colleges. Your user icon turns grey for your colleges and your location is not shared anymore in the app. The app will not communicate anymore with the Persafe server (no data connection, no battery consumption). To re-activate the app click on the “re-activate service” blue button.
  • “LOGOUT” icon in the right upper corner results in a complete logout. We recommend that you do NOT use complete logout function but the ON/OFF button. With the ON/OFF button you can re-activate the app without having to use username and password. With the app OFF there is no active data connection and no battery consumption.
  • “ALARM CIRCLE” allows you to switch between multiple responder alarm circles
  • “NOTIFICATION” allows you to set and change audio notification mode for sending and receiving alerts
  • “PRE-ALARM TIMER” allows you to change pre-alarm timers for both manual and fall detected alarms. If you want no pre-alarm use 0 seconds timer.
  • “CONNECT” allows you to set up Bluetooth connection between your phone and the Persafe alarm button or the Badge
  • “STATUS” allows you to switch between “busy” and “available” status. The “busy” status turns your user icon colour violet on the app-screen for TEAM and Responders. The “available” status turns your user icon colour green. You can still trigger alarms and receive alarm notifications as responder if your status is “busy”.
  • “MANAGE” opens MY.PERSAFE portal in your internet browser with extensive account settings and functionalities