We recommend all users to check daily if the PERSAFE service is working correctly. You can follow an easy routine for this:

  • Open the Persafe app on the phone. If the app is suspended press the “re-activate service” blue button to active the app. Check if you see your own location (orange user icon) and check if the internet connection of your phone is active.
  • Set the app to the background (opening another app or switch to start screen of the phone), if you have no external alarm button or Badge you have finished your daily routine and service is working correctly
  • If you have a Persafe alarm button of Persafe Badge connected to your phone;
    • Press the alarm button once (short) or the green button of the Badge once (short)
    • After 1 to 10 seconds you will receive text notification message from iOS or Android (Alarm button is active / Badge is active) and hear 3 short audio beeps (pending audio notification setting).
  • You have finished your daily routine and service is working correctly.

If you did not receive iOS / Android notification message you need to follow these steps:

  • Check if the phone has active internet connection (open another app and check if this app has internet connection)
  • Check if bluetooth is active on the phone
    • Open iOS or Android Bluetooth settings
    • Review connection status for F xxxxx (alarm button) or SB xxx (Badge) devices
  • If you have a Badge, please check if Badge is ON (the “OFF” text at bottom Badge screen is not displayed and a connection icon is visible next to battery icon)
  • Open PERSAFE app and press once (short) on the alarm button or green button of the Badge. A pop-up message should appear (“please press 3 seconds to trigger alarm”). If pop-up message appears everything works well, and you do not need to do anything
  • If no pop-up message appears you need to open settings menu of the app (left upper corner) and select “CONNECT”. “Do you want to disconnect Bluetooth device? Select “YES”. Connect alarm button or Badge to app see menu item 10.