After installation of the app on your phone you can login with the username and password you received from your company or you created when you were invited as a PERSAFE user (invitation e-mail from PERSAFE). If you did not receive email from PERSAFE please check your spam-mail!

As long as you do not log-out from the app you will only need to log-in on once.

If you are using your mobile phone number as username please be aware that you need to use your country code (44 for UK, 33 for France, 31 for the Netherlands) without the +_sign.
The country code is followed by your mobile phone number without the 0 (e.g. 447305155555)

To logout open the app menu (icon left upper corner) and click on logout icon in right upper corner. We advise to not logout but to use the ON/OFF button. With the ON/OFF button you change your status to absent/available. In absent mode you do not connect to the PERSAFE-alarm-server, the app does not use data and no battery consumption.