To secure your safety the PERSAFE app remains active in the background of your phone. This way you can trigger an emergency alarm at all times, or we can send you emergence alarm messages from others who need your help. We have optimized battery and data consumption to a minimum.

If you and your colleges require continuous safety, it is important to keep the app active;

  • Do not swipe the app or close the app
  • The app is in the background and still operational
  • Ensure that the phone allows “ALWAYS” location sharing in the app setting
  • The setting ‘battery optimization’ is not active on Android
  • Keep the data connection of your phone active

If you have ended your working day and the PERSAFE service can be suspended to the next working day;

  • Activate the “ON/OFF” button (in the app settings menu). This button suspends the app. If you are suspended / absent you cannot trigger an alarm and you do not receive alarm notifications from colleges. Your user icon turns grey for your colleges and your location is not shared anymore in the app. The app will not communicate anymore with the Persafe server (no data connection, no battery consumption). To re-activate the app click on the “resume service” blue button.