To switch between screens in the app use the carousel-button in the right upper corner.

The app has 2 standard screens;

  • Responder alarm circle screen (orange colour code) that shows yourself and your responders who will be notified when you trigger an emergency alarm. The responders are visualized by user icons with their name and colour code;
    Green = online and available
    Grey = absent and not available
    Red = person is in an alarm situation
    Yellow = this user is providing active response to a person in alarm
    Violet = this user has activated status “busy”

A user icon can be placed on the map (actual location for this user) or at the bottom of the screen (not sharing actual location position).

You can click on the user icon to zoom in and see additional information on location (if user settings allow sharing this information) and last update/contact with Persafe alarm-server.

  • INBOX screen where you receive alarm notifications from your colleges when they are in an emergency situation (you can open alarm notifications by clicking on the message)

The app has 1 optional screen;

  • TEAM screen (purple colour code) where users can continuously share online status and location position amongst each other (even if they are no responders in an emergency situation to you)

On the responder alarm circle screen (orange screen) you can easily switch between alarm circles by clicking on the orange button in the top menu. A pop-up menu opens showing available alarm circles to you.