When the emergency situation is ended all responders (or the alarm receiving centre) need to be notified and the alarm must be closed on the PERSAFE alarm-server. If the alarm is not closed the alarm-server will continue to initiate actions to provide help.

There are several options to end an active emergency alarm;
⦁ On the phone of the person in emergency by using the red slider in the app and slide to the left (all the way to the end of the phone screen). You can check if the alarm was successfully ended if the top of the app screen has switched from RED to GREY.
⦁ On the Persafe Badge by pressing the green button for 3 seconds
⦁ The alarm receiving centre can end the active emergency alarm remotely
⦁ The alarm centre in my.persafe portal can end the active emergency alarm in the remotely.
⦁ Active responders (who accepted the alarm) can end the active emergency alarm in the app remotely

As soon as the active alarm is ended all responders receive a notification on their phone and the emergency alarm message is “closed” in the PERSAFE app. For privacy reasons you cannot open the emergency alert message anymore.