Select “PERMISSIONS” to open page with overview of all permissions you have granted to other Persafe users. Every user which you have granted a permission is show.

There are two type of permissions;
⦁ Permission as a FRIEND
⦁ Permission as a RESPONDER

By clicking on the “edit” button you can make changes to the permissions you granted to that user;

  • “Status and location” = always share my actual location with this friend
  • “Only status” = only share your availability (online status) not your actual location with this friend.
  • “Decline” = withdraw the granted permission for this friend.


  • “Always show my location to responders” = always share my actual location with this user also outside emergency situations
  • “Only show my location when someone in my alarm circle triggers an alarm” = share my actual location with other PERSAFE responders during emergency situation in alarm circle for which I’m registered responder
  • “Only show my location when I trigger an alarm” = to the responders in my responder-alarm-circle.
  • “Decline” = withdraw the granted permission as responder for this user.

Click “UPDATE” to store and apply your changes