ACTIVATE the Badge;

⦁ Press green button 3 to 5 seconds than release
⦁ Wait 2 to 4 seconds. The display of the Badge changes and audio signal is played
⦁ Press green button once (short) to confirm activation
⦁ Badge is activated when the “OFF” text at bottom Badge screen is no longer displayed and a connection icon is visible next to battery icon

DE-ACTIVATE the Badge;

There is no need to de-activate the Badge every time. Our recommendation is to keep Badge activated during charging. If however you decide to de-activate the badge please follow these 3 steps;

⦁ Press green button for approximately 5 seconds until an audio signal is triggered
⦁ Confirm by pressing red + green button simultaneously (once and short). Wait until display of the Badge shows ON/OFF icon.
⦁ Confirm again by shortly pressing the green button (you can cancel de-activation by shortly pressing red button). Badge is switched OFF.