The app opens and you see your own location (only if you have allowed PERSAFE access to your location position in app permissions) with the orange user icon on the map in the alarm-circle app-screen (orange colour line). A responder-alarm-circle shows who are responders for you in case of an emergency situation. This can be family members, friends, caretakers, home nurses or an alarm receiving centre. If you alert directly to an alarm receiving centre there will be no other PERSAFE users visible.

If you alert to family members, friends, caretakers or home nurses we will show you the online availability of these responders. Each responder is represented with his own user icon. The user icons will be shown on the map if the responders share their location position with you or at the bottom of the screen if they do not share their actual location but only their availability;
green = online/available,
Grey = absent/not available

To create responder alarm circles please go to chapter “responder alarm circles”.

The orange user icon that represents yourself on the map continuously updates your GPS-location. In case of emergency we refresh and send your actual location every 10 seconds to the PERSAFE alert-server and distribute to your alarm responders. This way we can also update your actual location to all responders when you are on the move (in bus, metro, train, car, biking or when running)