7. USERS (create, edit, delete)

Select “USERS” in the menu;
⦁ Overview of registered users in your subscription.
⦁ Information on the total number of user licenses purchased and overview how many licenses are currently in use.
⦁ Review the information per registered user by clicking on the card;
⦁ Phone number
⦁ Email
⦁ Active settings-profile for this user
⦁ User status in the subscription (active or pending)
⦁ Membership status (active – invitation pending)

Users in your subscription with ADMIN rights can invite new users.
Each user can have different roles (rights); ADMIN, MEMBER or READONLY.
⦁ “+ add user” blue button (this will create new user in the subscription)

After you made you selection you can fill-in all boxes in the screen that opens.

⦁ “NICK NAME” = name PERSAFE app users will see displayed on the user icon of this user (often their first name).
⦁ “E-MAIL ADDRESS” will be used as username for login (user will receive invitation emails from Persafe)
⦁ “PHONE” This needs to be an active mobile phone number. This number is used during emergency situations.
⦁ Select “PRODUCT” and open fold-out menu (arrow icon on the right). The options to choose from are linked to your subscription (standard license or license with alarm receiving centre)
⦁ Select SETTINGS PROFILE and open fold-out menu (arrow icon on the right) and chose which settings profile you want to apply for this user.
⦁ Define the ROLE (rights) for this user;

  • ADMIN > all rights in the subscription (including adding new users and editing existing users, alarm circles and settings for all users)
  • MEMBER > this user can edit his own settings and create & edit his own alarm circles
  • READONLY > this user has no rights to edit settings or alarm circles.

Click on “CREATE” to invite this user to your subscription.