8. RESPONDER ALARM CIRCLES (create, edit, delete)

Select “ALARM CIRCLES” in the menu to create new responder alarm circles or edit or delete existing alarm circles.

A responder alarm circle defines who (which responders) receive emergency alert when a user triggers an emergency alert. When creating the responder alarm circle, you have to put yourself in the position of the person who is in an emergency situation and define the responders (family members, friends, caretakers, home nurses) who need to be notified.

When you purchased a subscription with licenses to alert directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre you must not add responders in the alarmcircle. Please validate that the users who need to alert directly to the Alarm Receiving Centre have “PAC LICENSE” activated (create users > select product)

PERSAFE offers you the possibility to use one or multiple responder alarm circles per user. This allows you to switch responders when you conduct sports or during your holiday.

Every user needs to have minimum one active alarm circle in his account. For every new user in the subscription PERSAFE automatically creates “My first alarm circle” for that person (with no responders allocated yet).

You can edit existing alarm circles or create new alarm circles;
⦁ Select the user in the fold-out menu (by putting the cursor on the white box in the top of the screen and click on it). An overview of all users in your subscription is shown. Select the user for which you want to edit or create a new responder alarm circle.
⦁ After you selected the user the screen shows all the responder alarm circles currently available for that user;

  • You can now “EDIT / DELETE” existing alarm circles by clicking on the alarm circle and the “edit” or “delete” button.
  • If you want to create a “NEW” responder alarm circle you click on the “+ add individual alarm circle” blue button

⦁ The screen for editing the responder alarm circle opens;

  • “NAME” you give to a responder alarm circle that is used in the app to identify which alarm circle is active (which responders will be alerted during an emergency situation)
  •  You can select one or more responders per alarm circle, by putting the cursor on the white box under “RESPONDERS” and click on it. An overview of all users in your subscription is shown. Select the user(s) you want to add as responder(s) of this alarm circle. Every time you want to add a responder to the alarm circle you need to click on the “ADD RESPONDER” button. Click “CREATE” to confirm and make this alarm circle active in the subscription.
  • If you want to invite responder(s) from outside your subscription this is also possible. You first need to know that the responder(s) you want to invite is a registered Persafe user and the email address this user uses as username to login on the Persafe app. You than type the email address in the responder box over the text “select responder”. Once you have entered the full email address Persafe starts searching for this user in the Persafe database. The search result is shown, and you need to click on the user to confirm. Send the invite by clicking on the “ADD RESPONDER” button. The responder receives an email invitation from PERSAFE which he needs to accept. Until he accepts the responder status remains “pending”.

For the responder alarm circles that do not directly alert to an alarm receiving centre you have the option to add extra intelligence to the sequence and number of responders that are notified. We offer following criteria for extra intelligence;
⦁ Expand number of responders per notification round (we offer alarm with three time-intervals to responders). If during first or second round nobody or not enough responders accepted the alarm request, we expand number of responders for the next round of notifications. Every time you add responder you need to specify in which round this responder receives first alert notification (default setting is round 1)
⦁ Define the time-interval between the notification rounds. Default there is 40 seconds between round 1 and round 2 and again 40 seconds between round 2 and round 3. Per alarm-circle this setting can be changed to 60 seconds time-interval.
⦁ Define minimum number of required responders who accept the request for help. Persafe makes sure that minimum number of responders to be notified is equal or greater than minimum number of required active responders. Persafe validates how many responders are absent and not available and increases number of responders for the (next) notification round to ensure that minimum criteria for required potential responders is fulfilled.
⦁ You can add a location position criterion in meters only for round 1. If responders have actual location position that is further away from the person in emergency than specified, they are not notified in the first notification round (assuming that minimum required responder’s criteria is fulfilled). If you leave the “distance in meters” box empty or with 0 this criterion will not be active. If you fill in a value above 76 meters the alarm-server will define if the responder is within (responder receives alert notification in round 1) or outside (responder does not receive alert notification in round 1)
⦁ Assistance request option if this responder should receive an assistance request notification (blue slider in the app) or not.