In the my.persafe portal there is a “MONITOR” function where all Persafe users in the subscription are displayed with the following information per user;

  • Status
    • Online or absent
    • Busy or available
  • Actual location position (setting) on Google map

Select “MONITOR” in portal. In the top section of the screen you can filter which users you would like to position on the display. Multiple selections are possible);

  • Per user
  • Per group of users
  • Per actual status
  • Per skills that have been assigned to users
  • Per responder alarmcircle

Or a combination of filters. After you have set the criteria click on “apply filters”.

If users share location data, the map shows actual position of the user. The color of the icon indicates their status (online and available = green, busy = violet, red = in alarm, yellow = active responder to an alarm situation, blue = assistance request ). The map view can switch between satellite and map.

Absent users are shown underneath the map under “other users”.

Clicking on a user icon provides extra information;

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Full address details of current location
  • Battery level
  • Last update with Persafe alarm-server

With the function “+ new map” you can use multiple screens simultaneously using different filters.

If your company has multiple Persafe subscriptions active you can switch between subscription in the right upper corner by clicking on the “arrow-icon” and click on the top blue button. A pop-up menu with all subscriptions is displayed where you can select another subscription.